PARALLAXI.GR: We spent a day with the refugees looking for work in Thessaloniki

Journalist Kleopatra Koutsourou, from Parallaxi e-magazine, visited the Blue Refugee Center of SolidarityNow in Thessaloniki on Friday, May 5th, to attend the Job Fair organized by SolidarityNow and the UNHCR.

The aim of the Job Fair was to bring together employers and refugees looking for work. 200 candidates and 15 business representatives participated in the event.

Excerpt from the article:

“The right to work is one of the greatest and most important rights that man has created over the decades. Freedom to work should be guaranteed and institutionalized for all people, regardless of economic status, racial difference, language, etc.

This was made clear by a refugee woman’s statement from the audience: “I’m talking to all the employers here today. You come to a refugee center to hire people for your work, so if you are not comfortable with the different nationalities that exist, please don’t hire the people who are here today among you, because sometimes you make it more difficult for people like us, so that we cant cope with work. If you know you’re not comfortable with the color of my skin, the way I look, the way I speak, it’s best not to hire us in the first place. Thank you.

The article is only available in Greek.