Stand with Konstantinos. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

Konstantinos is a middle-aged man, who has experienced the consequences of the economic crisis when it all started. While being a freelancer during the recession, Konstantinos came across a few financial problems with his business, having as a result to close it down. However, this might not be the worst thing happened, as six months ago he received an eviction notice. Without money and a house to live with his wife, Konstantinos sought for help at the welfare services of the municipality of Athens. There, he was informed that he will be able to receive temporary accommodation for one year.
For the last four months, Konstantinos is being hosted along with his wife in a two-storey building on Acharnon Street. He shares the available rooms of the flat he resides with three other families. Food is another big issue, as the only food-bag (vegetables, meat) that Konstantinos gets every week from the welfare services is not enough. On the top of these, he has also to take care of his sick wife and to cope with his own illness (epilepsy). That seems very difficult, as Konstantinos receives no medical insurance and proper medication is needed.

In one of his visits to the welfare services, Konstantinos was informed about a current seminar that runs through PRAKSIS’ employability service at Palaio Frouracheio, as regards how to become a lottery ticket seller. Thereby, Konstantinos visited Athens Solidarity Centre to talk about that seminar and he was also given further information for the rest of the services. He was very impressed as for the PRAKSIS doctors.

Konstantinos expressed his fear about the future and what it’s going to happen once the provision of temporary accommodation ends.

Panagiotis Bourgazas
Social Scientist
Intern SolidarityNow