Stand with Mr. H. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

The following story could be a representative sample of a well directed and presented documentary through the eyes of a person, who experienced the persecution and brutality of the government forces (Sudanese Armed Forces – SAF) in his try to defend his homeland and belongings. Specifically the man, who wishes to remain anonymous and thereinafter will be mentioned as Mr. H, comes from the Nuba Mountains of the South Kordofan State in Sudan.

A few months ago, in December 2014, the Sudanese government forces on their way to Nuba Mountains in order to fight the rebels there (Sudan People’s Liberation Army – SPLA), invaded and destroyed the village of Mr. H, seizing all of the villager’s animals (cows, sheep, camels), so that will be able to feed their soldiers. When Mr. H followed them just to take his animals back, he was accused of being rebels’ collaborator. On these grounds, he was arrested and kept as a prisoner in a temporary militant base-camp of the forces that had been set up for their operations in the area. There, he underwent several tortures; one of them was baton beatings on the legs. However, he managed to escape as a sergeant, who happened to be classmate of Mr. H back in high school offered to help him by untying his hands and letting the gate open. The sergeant only told him not reveal to anyone how he broke away if he was arrested.

Once Mr. H was free, he walked until he met a cameleer, who took him to the village, he was living. There, he met a merchant and old friend of his father, who arranged for him to flee Sudan, travelling by boat to Egypt and then to Turkey. Upon his arrival in Turkey and especially in Bodrum, Mr. H was put along with other people from Syria, Eritrea and Somalia on a freezer-truck and all of them were taken to a hotel. He stayed in a room there for a few days, until one night someone came to pick them up and drive them to a woodland and from there to the coast of Bodrum in order to get the boat that brought him to Greece.
Mr. H has already lodged an asylum claim and he hopes to receive a positive decision.

His opinion about Solidarity Now and the work that is going on at Palaio Frouracheio is the following: ‘’Τhe services are a big thing for me, because when I came to Greece I was weak (physically) and frightened. Now I feel very well. Everybody (Praksis’ Doctors) says that my health is getting better.

Panagiotis Bourgazas
Social Scientist
Intern SolidarityNow