#STRANDED | Harikajen

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

Harikajen Satkunaraj, 23 years old, 3 months in Lesvos

 “My dream is to go to Athens”

“My name is Harikajen and I am 23 years old. I am coming from Sri Lanka. My father was a member of the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” militant organization. In Sri Lanka Tamil people are considered terrorists. They are arresting us and torturing us. They tied me up to a bicycle and dragged me. They threw stones at my house. I was working at the marketing department of a company and my boss -because of my origin- asked me to resign. I was afraid. I had to leave my country because the police ran after me. I wanted to be saved.

I started my journey in autumn. I have been living outside the camp of Moria for 3 months. It is difficult to communicate with the other people here. We are only 4 people from Sri Lanka. We support each other. I speak better English, and I help the others with the translation. There’s always something bad happening here. We are all afraid. People are hungry, and they are fighting when they are waiting in the food-queue.

I have asthma and chest pain. They gave me paracetamol, but it didn’t do anything. I cannot stay here anymore, it’s like a jail. It’s very cold. I can’t sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night terrified by nightmares. I am thinking all the things I’ve been through in my life. I have suffered a lot. I am crying. I think of my mother and my sister. They are alone in Sri Lanka. I have many problems, but I keep smiling. Smiles are innate, and people want to see you smile. My dream is to go to Athens. Many people from Sri Lanka are there. All we can do is wait and wait. The only thing that I want is to be saved”.