#iamstrong |THE STORY OF AHMAD

My favorite Greek expression is «se agapo»* says Ahmad Hajj Daoud in broken Greek.

Ahmad is 18 years old and he is coming from Syria. The last 3 months he was living in one of the Thessaloniki’s apartments that SolidarityNow provides to LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees.

Ahmad found “Safe Refugee”, the specialized assistance program of SolidarityNow for LGBTI through the Greek NGO Arsis “This program saved my life. Now I can do whatever I want” says Ahmad.

Ahmad is a very determined person and he always looks at the bright side of life. Even though he knew that he will be relocated to Germany, he has put a lot of effort to learn Greek.

“I made a lot of friends here. I really like Greece and I don’t want to leave, because here the people respect the refugees. In Greece I have rights, rights that I didn’t have back in my country” he says.

In Germany, he will be reunited with his beloved sister. He is excited about his new journey, because he will start a new life. His dreams are to finish school and to find a good job as a social worker. He admits that from Greece he will miss the most Efi Hatzitimotheadou-Social Worker responsible for the LGBTI program in Thessaloniki. “Efi has helped us a lot, she is like our sister” notes Ahmad and adds “I want to say a big thank to SolidarityNow for this program”.

Ahmad, we want to wish you best of luck for your new life. May you get what you want! See you again in Greece!

*”I love you” in Greek