“If words and images are used correctly can express real feelings and ideas”

Stella Delliou

Omar and Usama

We are all made of stories. Stories create feelings, connections, express thoughts and ideas, inspire and motivate people to pursue their goals and dreams. The human mind remembers stories than statistics and numbers. The 24-year-old Omar, 23-year-old Usama and the rest of the participants at the seminars, organized by SolidarityNow as part of the “Resilient Roots” program, will learn how to tell their own stories and how to express themselves.

Radio-podcasts and photography are two powerful, modern media. If speech and images are used correctly can express real feelings, ideas, opinions and a constructive critique. SolidarityNow chose this way to teach its beneficiaries to give their feedback in order to improve and tailor its programs to their needs.

Omar loves football and art. When he was living in Algeria he used to play in various theatrical performances. As he tells us, he finds many similarities among theater, photography and radio: “It’s just like in photography and radio; while performing we want to pass a message. I look forward to recording our own podcast and taking photos”. Omar comes to the Blue Refugee Center, where he benefits from the free services provided. He is currently living in a shelter for homeless – along with Greeks, refugees and migrants. “Through this seminar, we learn to express our thoughts and our opinion. I want to inform and prepare all the people who are planning to leave their country about the difficulties they will encounter”, he points out.

Usama, who has been in Greece for the last 6 months, has studied microbiology, but his big dream was to become a journalist. This seminar awakened him memories from the past. “I’m more interested in photography. I remember the tourists in Algeria who were taking photos capturing the everyday life of my country”, he states. He as well wants to portray his own daily life, the difficulties he has confronted here, his need for communication and education -useful tools to a migrant. “I want to explain all these to the people, in order to decide if they will eventually leave their country”, he underlines.


* Since July 2018, SolidarityNow has been implementing the pilot project “The Resilient Roots Initiative”. The program, co-ordinated by the CIVICUS network in partnership with Keystone Accountability & Accountable Now, aims to improve communication and interaction channels between SolidarityNow Management and its beneficiaries. About 60 young people beneficiaries of the organization, from Athens and Thessaloniki, are involved in several activities.

* The Blue Refugee Center is supported by UNHCR and funded by the EU.