A couple without employment

Mary, the grandmother has already put food on the fire, the three children are getting ready for school and Anna and Andreas are talking, planning the day for the family. They will all meet again at 4 in the afternoon and will eat together the food that the grandmother has prepared.

We see Andreas and Anna getting ready to drop off the kids at school, Anna will kiss her husband when he drops her off at her work, he will follow to go to his. Both works currently, with a part time employment and are looking for a second job or a full-time job.

The couple remained unemployed for a number of years making it almost impossible to cover their needs. They both unexpectedly lost their jobs as a result of the financial crisis and since then they have both struggled to find permanent employment.

But You Can’t See Them.

Because at SolidarityNow we supported Anna and Andreas get reintegrated in society, through educational programs and networking with employers.

To date, we have done this with more than 300,000 people in need.

And we go on.