A meal is enough for two. And it is enough for five”, Hamad, migrant from Syria who hosts Narin and her three children

Narin and Hamad are countrymen.

Both were born and raised in Syria. For each one of them, life in their country evolved differently – Hamad worked for many years, whereas in another geographical point of Syria, Narin, Syrian of Kurdish origin, got married and gave birth to three children.

Hamad and Narin narrate an ordinary life which was flowing smoothly for several years, with love, work, friends, a rich life with its everyday problems. Such problems brought Hamad in Greece in 2003, to claim better work opportunities. It didn’t take long for Narin to do the same; however not because she chose it, but because she was forced. The war changed the daily routine for her and her family ending up threatening their lives.

Narin with her husband and their three children left from Syria for the long trip to Europe. They walked for many hours, traveled by bus also for many hours and arrived at Attalia, Turkey. Unfortunately, not all family members continued the trip to Europe – family’s finances could support the trip only for Narin and the kids. Therefore, the father stayed in Turkey to work so as to be able in the near future to follow Narin and his children in Europe.

The sea trip for Narin and her children was made by boat, a boat normally intended for 20 passengers; however, in this boat there were 65 refugees who luckily arrived safe at Lesvos. Next stations, Thessaloniki and Idomeni, where Narin found the borders closed.

The return to Athens was inevitable. Narin spent many nights in Victoria Square in the center of Athens, feeling desperate “with no hope”, considering the future of her children. Narin, describes the terrible conditions they faced without shelter, food, water. Dignity.

Hamad never forgot that he had been a migrant, trying his best for a better future in a foreign country. Hence, he visited the refugees living in Victoria square, trying to help in any way he could. This is where he met Narin. Hamad, without a second thought “saved” Narin and her children, as she says, and opened his home to host them.

As Hamad says “a meal is enough for two and is enough for five…” and he is the example of solidarity in action by opening his home and his heart to Narin and her children.

Let us introduce the members of this family via the #WeAreFamily project, here.

*The Hosting Scheme Project Home for Hope is implemented by SolidarityNow with the support of UNHCR GREECE and EU funding.