International Day of Families: Hadia’s Family

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International Day of Families | May 15, 2021

Hadia and her family are from Hanges, a small village in the city of Duhok in Iraq. In 2019, Hadia and her eight children arrived in Greece through Evros, after wandering for several days and facing difficult weather conditions.  Hadia however never lost her faith, since she always kept her children in mind, along with the responsibility of managing to protect them. From the first moment, she found herself in Greece she felt hopeful that everything was going to be alright, and that a new and better future awaited them.

Currently, they live in the Open Accommodation structure in Serres. They feel satisfied with the living conditions since they now live without fear and insecurity.  Moreover, today the children can go to school, think about their future, and make dreams. Meanwhile, they have succeeded in creating a friendly and supportive environment in the Centre with the other members of the community. The children have developed friendships, Hadia keeps in touch with a lot of women and thus, the feeling of belonging offers them hope and security.

When we asked her what the word “family” means for her she said: “Family means happiness, siblings, mother and father, family means life, it is life itself” and she continues “it doesn’t matter if a family consists of many or few members as long as everyone is united as one”. And she adds: “I feel really proud of the family I have created, and I always hope to be there to for them”.

Hadia is a quite powerful woman and the emotional pillar of the family. She has always been there to provide her family with hope, promising her children that everything is going to be alright. The family’s common dream is to continue being safe and get over their problems in order to be happy.

For the future, Hadia wishes the reunion of her family in a European country, preferably in Germany, where they will be able to live all together, supporting each other. She wants her children to study and to be given the opportunities to pursuit their dreams. Then she will also feel complete, as she said.

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