Racist Violence Recording Network: Annual Report 2016

The Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN) presented on 4.4.2017 its 2016 annual report, analyzing the quantitative and qualitative findings of racist violence and hate crime recordings by the 37 organizations participating in the Network, including Solidarity Now.

The RVRN recognized that positive steps had been taken in combatting racist violence and urged the State to intensify its efforts towards two goals. First, to put an end to impunity for racist attacks and to support victims. Second, the State must act preemptively by deepening targeted policies for promoting respect for diversity.

Speakers included: Maria Yannakaki, General Secretary for Transparency and Human Rights; George Stavropoulos, President of the National Commission for Human Rights; Vassiliki Georgiadou, Associate Professor at Panteion University; Yannis Stevis, Journalist (astraparis.gr – Chios News Online); Eleni Karagianni, Art Teacher and Coordinator of Refugees’ Education at the Accommodation Site of Schisto and  Eva Spinou, Psychologist of Colour Youth – LGBTQ Community of Athens. The press conference was coordinated by Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, UNHCR.

Press Release