With a Little Help from the Athens Solidarity Center, Mr. A. found a job and made his first personal art exhibition!

by the Employability Service of the Athens Solidarity Center, SolidarityNow

A 56-year-old art teacher, painter and sculptor from Greece, living in Athens, sought support from the Athens Solidarity Center’s employability service.

Mr. A. has studied graphic arts and worked for many years as a private sector employee, an art teacher, and a freelance painter and sculptor.

However, after a long period of unemployment it was tough for him to find a job due to his age. The first step taken along with his job counsellor was to discuss and find out his strengths, weaknesses but also his needs and aspirations. Then, Mr. A. was supported to make his curriculum vitae and identify job opportunities that matched his profile.

The most important of all was to get the appropriate support that would help him to make the most of his potential and create a stable plan of action. Due to his age, Mr. A. carried on his shoulders the burden of many disappointments and frustrations. Consequently, he had lost faith on himself, so empowerment was the primary goal set by the employability service’s team. Mr. A. started making gradual steps; he created a list of potential employers and through the guidance of his job counsellor, he began to communicate with them.

The first obvious result of his effort came shortly after and was his part-time job as an art teacher. That was a life-changing step for Mr. A!

And there were more to come! After contacting many art centers, which he found with the help of the job counsellor, he managed to find the one with which he collaborated organizing an art exhibition of his work! The exhibition was very successful, and he achieved to expand his network and receive more job offers!

Today, Mr. A. is a confident man who believes in himself, and he is optimistic about the future!

*From 1/8/2021 till 31/7/2022, the Athens Solidarity Center’s operation is supported through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in the framework of its global COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

**From 1/7/2021 till 30/6/2022, Kahane Foundation supports the Psychosocial service of the Athens Solidarity Center.

***The Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow is also supported by the Municipality of Athens.