Ms. A. has now her very own valuable allies

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by the Legal service of the Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow

Ms. A., one more story of an abused woman, who asked and received support and today sees her life changing.

Ms. A. is a mother of two, with one of her children having special needs. In addition, she faced many financial and health problems and addressed the Athens Solidarity Center, in despair.

The Center provided her with social and psychological support and the legal service undertook to investigate all its pending courts. The lawyers of the service, mediated in public services and tax authorities in order to settle and regulate her debts, something that was impossible for her to do especially during the pandemic days we are going through where the citizens’ access to public services has become more difficult.

In addition, she was provided with legal advice for all her criminal courts. With the appearance of a lawyer of the legal service in one of these courts, Ms. A. won an acquittal for her debts and thus secured her home, avoiding its upcoming seizure. Today, Ms. A. is collecting all her documents to join the out-of-court mechanism with the help of the Center’s legal team, feeling that now she is not alone. She has her very own allies by her side.

*From 1/8/2021 till 31/7/2022, the Athens Solidarity Center’s operation is supported through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) in the framework of its global COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

**From 1/7/2021 till 30/6/2022, Kahane Foundation supports the Psychosocial service of the Athens Solidarity Center.

*** The Athens Solidarity Center is also supported by the Municipality of Athens.