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Alcoholism is briefly considered as a disease that causes both physical and mental health problems leading thus to serious negative effects on the social behaviour of a person. Nikos is a young person, who used to be an alcoholic. At that time, his life was on the brink of being ruined. After a fight with his parents, Nikos abandoned his home, which resulted in him being homeless with no money at all.
For the last year Nikos often wanders around Attica, in an effort to find a place to rest and sleep. During that period, he has gone through some very difficult situations, with no food, or a place to take a shower and above all he experienced social stigmatization and the total ignorance of his municipality’s welfare services, due to his addiction. The primary response that Nikos was given when asking for help is that nothing can be done, as he was an alcoholic.
However, Nikos managed to fight against alcoholism through the help of Alcoholics Anonymous’ fellowship and he has abstained from alcohol for 1,5 months. Moreover, municipality’s welfare services referred him to PRAKSIS at (Palaio Frouracheio) Athens Solidarity Center, after someone stole his health card and he was in need of a doctor.
Nikos is amazed by the overall work that is going on here. He precisely mentioned: ‘’the only ones that offered to help me, regardless of my situation and my past are the people of PRAKSIS’’, ‘’nowadays, every job application is made through Internet, so it’s vital a service like employability to exist, offering free computer and internet access’’.
Nikos these days lives in an uninhabited building at Kifissia and he is about to start selling SXEDIA magazine, an initiative of the NGO DIOGENIS. At the end of his narration, Nikos pointed out that certain actions must be taken and more information should be provided regarding the issue of alcoholism.

Panagiotis Bourgazas
Social Scientist
Intern SolidarityNow