8 March_International Women’s Day #STRONGALONE_Women who are Winners!

Migrant, refugee, redundant, abused, detained, marginalized women. Borders are closing, labor and individual rights are being violated, anti-abortion campaigns are being activated and hate speech has prevailed. Everything that has been claimed has been lost in recent years. Victims of these changes are mainly women, as they experience the most difficulties.

According to the European Commission, 33% of women in the European Union have been victims of physical or sexual abuse, while 55% have been sexually harassed. In the education and labor sectors, despite the fact that 61% of women have a University degree, they earn 16% less money than men, something that in the future will increase the gender gap by 40%.

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It is a good occasion for us to remember the progress that has been made. However, March 8th, 2020 must be a turning point for the things that have remained stagnant, for the lost or wined battles, and for the new struggles against discrimination and inequality.

At SolidarityNow, as a human rights defender, we decided to give a tribute to the #StrongAlone-beneficiaries of our programs who found the strength to seek help and stand up, proud.

We spoke with Anna, Dominika, Nadwa, Asia, Lena and Maria, women who live among us, who wait every morning at the bus stops, who remain invisible; women who know only the word ‘work’’, who are stressed on how they will raise their children and whether they will have a home to stay; women who have dreams, who have a new country, who smile, who have survived; women who are winners.