Blue Dot Social Worker (PSS)

Blue Dot Social Worker (PSS)  –   Kοινωνικός  Λειτουργός Status: Full Time Locations: Thessaloniki, Filippiada Position Summary: The Social Worker is expected to provide psychosocial support, assess the needs, ensure proper case management for Blue Dot beneficiaries or referred beneficiaries on site while identifying vulnerabilities as to link up eligible cases with support and aid […]

Location: Filippiada, Thessaloniki

Senior Protection Officer

Position: Senior Protection Officer Location: Ioannina Starting Date: ASAP Status:  Full Time   Job Purpose: The Senior Protection Officer leads and coordinates SN protection team with the objective of providing timely and effective protection to persons of concern, as well as supervising protection interventions. The incumbent must be able to lead the development of a […]

Location: Ioannina

UNICEF Blue Dot Unit Team Leader

Position: UNICEF Blue Dot Unit Team Leader Location: 1 away from Athens Starting Date: ASAP Status:  Full Time Main duties and Responsibilities: Lead the field team Coordinate the day-to-day fieldwork In coordination with the Program Manager, review Program related correspondence and ensure interested parties are kept informed. Be responsible for logistics and organization during fieldwork […]

Location: Athens

SN Driver

Job Title:  SN Driver –  Οδηγός Status: Full Time Position Summary: The individual will drive authorized passengers, transport goods and services (information) and check the mechanical condition of the SN vehicle regularly and act accordingly in line with SN policies. Position within the Organization: Hierarchical Responsible: Fleet Manager Duties and Responsibilities:  Drive SN vehicles/authorized passengers […]

Location: Athens

Social Scientist

Position: Social Scientist Location: Athens – Greece Starting Date: ASAP Status:  Full Time Main Duties & Responsibilities Focal point of communication and exchange between (a cluster of) hosting and hosted populations; Directly supports and coaches beneficiaries through the usage of simple communication and moral uplifting techniques; Assesses and addresses social needs of the beneficiaries, identifies […]

Location: Athens

Epirus Focal Point

Job Title:  Epirus Focal Point Status: Full Time (morning or evening shift) Position Summary: Epirus Focal  Point  main role would be to attend all coordination meetings in the area, liaise with local authorities and assist with paperwork related to the teams there. In addition, should be able to contribute to the identification of most vulnerable in cooperation […]

Location: Epirus

Position: Psychologist Location: Athens (Nationwide Travel might be requested) Starting Date: ASAP Responsibilities Psychosocial Services-Psychological Aid Provision Provide comprehensive package of Psychological Aid Services to the beneficiaries Providing Counseling, Guidance Ensure referrals internally and externally Identify vulnerabilities and facilitate their access to available aid Provide case management for child protection cases Case related info management […]

Location: Athens


Job Title:  SN Interpreter –   Διερμηνέας Location: Ioannina Status: Full Time Responsibilities Interpretation Mediate with beneficiaries while briefings or sessions are conducted Ensure accurate and precise information is passed to the beneficiaries in an understandable and culturally acceptable way. Data base and Case related info management Filling and registering all cases and actions to the DataBase upon instructions […]

Location: Ioannina