Joint letter by 7 NGOs regarding the imposition and non-lifting of geographical restrictions on international protection seekers

Α joint letter was addressed to Greek authorities by 7 NGOs, regarding the imposition and non-lifting of geographical restrictions on international protection seekers having entered the Greek territory through the maritime borders. As legal aid partners we can confirm that this challenging situation is leaving many vulnerable cases that had to flee the islands in […]

Response by the Greek Ombudsman to a report on discrimination against foreign workers

The Greek Ombudsman’s response to a report submitted in February by SolidarityNow and the organization Generation 2.0 Red is being published, regarding the unacceptable discrimination against foreign workers, legally residing in Greece, who enjoy – undoubtedly – fewer benefits than Greek nationals, even though they pay the same social security fees. The Ombudsman fully justifies […]

Joint report of 25 organizations for cases of violation of asylum seekers’ rights

25 organizations submitted a petition with which they wish to inform the responsible Greek authorities of the ongoing problems that arise regarding the granting of AMKA (Social Security number), AFM (Tax Registration number) and unemployment cards to applicants of international protection, requesting their intervention to harmonize administrative practices with the applicable legislation. They also want […]

Joint letter of 21 NGOs regarding housing issues for recognized refugees

21 organizations have drafted a letter addressed to the Ministers of Migration Policy and Economy, concerning the need for immediate use of the AMIF Fund in order to ensure housing and integration prospects for recognized refugees. To: Minister for Migration Policy, Mr. Ioannis Mouzalas Alternate Minister of Economy and Development, Mr. Alexis Haritsis   Notification: […]


With a joint letter the undersigned organizations would like to express our serious concerns on a de facto violation of the right for family reunification and breach of relevant provisions stipulated in the EU Regulation 604/2013 (Dublin III Regulation), regarding asylum seekers’ transfers from Greece to Germany under family reunification procedure, through the implementation, by […]

Joint Press Release about the violent incidents in Moria, Lesvos

On 28 November 2016 due to the accident in Moria’s camp that took the  lives of two refugees, SolidarityNow and 22 other organizations made a joint statement about the living conditions and safety rules in the refugee camps around the country. We express our deepest concern in relation to the information, complaints and testimonies about […]

Lack of handover plans for the response in Greece puts asylum seekers at risk, NGOs warn

Humanitarian organisations welcome the transition to Greek Government management of all aspects of service provision for asylum seekers on the Greek islands and for unaccompanied children throughout Greece. However, as this transition begins, and the European Commission scales down support for humanitarian assistance currently provided by nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), there are growing concerns over the […]

Joint letter on Racist Attack on a Romani Neighbourhood in the city of Menidi, Attica

Solidarity Now together with other organizations sends a letter of concern to the competent Greek and European authorities in response to the racist attack on a Romani neighborhood in  the city of Menidi. A full criminal investigation on these events which started on 10 June 2017 has not been conducted yet. Τo: Nikolaos Toskas Alternate […]