On November 25th we demand the elimination of violence against women and girls

November 25th is when we demand the elimination of violence against women and girls. Since its inception in 1991, the international campaign galvanizes concrete actions to ultimately bring the number of women and girls who experience any and all forms of violence down to zero. It was the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women of 1993 that first amplified the issue as a violation of human rights and demanded international recognition of it as such.

It is time we put an end to violence against women so that an international day of action is no longer needed. Help spread the word and participate in the 16 Days of Activism for the UN’s UNiTE Campaign. This year’s theme is Orange the World: #HearMeToo and you can contribute to advocating for specific policy and legislative changes and amplifying the diverse voices of women.

If you or someone you know is victim of domestic violence, that are people and services available to hear you and support you. In Greece, the 24-hour SOS Helpline is 15900. Support is also available by email at sos15900@isotita.gr You can also find more information online.

Read the infographic below:

November 25th_ Violence Against Women