He wears earphones and listens to music, at the same time, he hears the sounds of nearby traffic on the street. From time to time he greets shopkeepers in the area where he works, his job is very important, as he tends to the cleaning of the streets for all of us. And he likes […]

Refugee Family

Four young girls are going to school and all of them are good students. A 42-year-old man and his wife, their parents, walk on a main street of Athens and they themselves are going to school. The next day they are all present at a celebration dedicated to the children. Their eldest daughter recites a […]

Battered Woman

Maria drops off her son at school and runs off to make the bus that takes her to her job. On her way there, she observes other women and she smiles. How amazing is the hair of some of these women! Some of them might become her clients, and they will in turn be happy, […]

#WomenInScience: Anna-Maria

“I shall also be one of the women that will not quit her dreams…” “At the Polytechnic University I became aware of how ‘male dominated’ the sector is and during my studies on education/teaching I experienced the ‘female domination’. It is unbelievable that even today these sex differences exist in the choice of studies and […]

#WomenInScience: Feriste

“My husband is the first person in my life, who pushes me to continue my studies” Feriste, 25, from Afghanistan, along with her husband and daughter, have been living in Greece for the last 2.5 years. Their daughter was born here. If the Greek law was different, she would have taken the Greek citizenship. We […]

#WomenInScience: Rosa

“Mathematics for me is a philosophy. A philosophy interconnected with all other sciences” Knowing Rosa, even a little, we didn’t have to think a lot about how she got her name. Close to the example of Rosa Luxemburg, the brilliant 26-year-old Rosa from Athens is revolutionary and politically motivated; two characteristics that have affected her personal […]

#WomenInScience: Sana from Pakistan

“I am a mathematician, who life has made her an artist” Sana comes from Pakistan and has been living in Greece for the last 7 months. She speaks fluent English. She has studied mathematics, just like her mother. Actually, she had begun a postgraduate course, but she was unable to complete her studies since she […]

Tribute: Women and Science or Women in Science

#WomenInScience Feriste, Rosa, Sana speak a common language – mathematics. Along with them, Anna-Maria who speaks the ‘language of technology’. They all look up to a large number of women who changed the history of their lives, the history of science and left their mark in the history of gender equality. Women who have not […]