Statement by Mr. Stelios Zavvos, Chairman

On the occasion of the opening, Chairman Stelios Zavvos of Solidarity Now stated: “At a time when the humanitarian crisis severely affects Greek society, SolidarityNow created Solidarity Centers focused on the protection of human rights for vulnerable Greeks and migrants. Our inspiration derives from the basic principle of solidarity between people. The non-profit organization SolidarityNow, launched by the Open Society Foundations two years […]

Workshop: “People on the Move: Reception, Detention Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups. Humanitarian Space and Access”

SolidarityNow and the Open Society Foundations co-organized a two-day workshop (19 – 20 March) to focus on the current state of affairs of migration and asylum policy in Greece. The aim was to provide a venue to host all important stakeholders along with a dynamic audience of experts in order to leverage the dialogue on migration, asylum, detention […]

Inauguration of the Athens Solidarity Center

The Athens Solidarity Center was inaugurated on 19th of March 2015 – following the opening of Solidarity Center in Thessaloniki a year ago. The Athens Solidarity Center was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Board of Solidarity Now, Mr. Stelios Zavvos together with the Mayor of Athens, Yiorgos Kaminis, the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Yannis Boutaris, Ambassador […]